Corporate Membership

You can sign up for each Corporate Member level HERE.

Corporate Membership in YPE Pittsburgh allows companies to get their branding message out to the energy sector in the region through the use of onsite events and digital marketing.  This branding starts with advertisement of each event that goes out to over 9,000 individual energy professional e-mail addresses in the Pittsburgh market.  On-site at the events, we introduce the attendees to the company representatives and allow for the give away of logo'd swag or other items of the company' s choosing.  In addition, we live tweet and Facebook post pictures of the event.  Post-event we provide follow up digital marketing through our e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

Previous Corporate Members have specifically partnered with YPE Pittsburgh events for:

  •    Product Line Launches
  •    New Company Launches
  •    Introduction of New Sales Staff
  •    Support of Charitable Causes
  •    Customer Appreciation Parties

Corporate Member Levels for 2017:

Marketing Sponsor (Only 10 accepted for 2017):

$1,500.00/year ($1,250.00 if invoiced by January 31st)


          •    1 free Crew Change Sponsorship ($600 value)
          •    4 free attendees at every YPE event (Non-member rate will be $25/person/event in 2017)
          •    Click through logo on website for 12 months
          •    Logo at all events for 12 months 
          •    2 attendee seats at Sponsor round table in June

Megaphone Marketing Sponsor (Only 4 accepted for 2017):

$3,000/year ($2,750 if invoiced by January 31st)


          •    Same as Marketing Sponsor
          •    Plus logo on Email communications

Premier Sponsor (Only 3 accepted for 2017):

$4,000/year ($1,000 of Marketing FREE in 2017)


          •    Same as Marketing and Megaphone Marketing Sponsors
          •    Premium sponsorship for the Legendary Summer Bash ($1,500 in 2016)
          •    Premium sponsorship for the Veterans Event ($500 in 2016)
          •    Premium sponsorship for the new event Super Spring Shooting School ($1,000)

Need more information or want to join? 

Contact Josh Hickman.

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